Director of photography

Michał Gruszczyński, Director of Photography.

Recently received the PLMVA Award 2018 in Folk Category for the best music video, which he both directed and shot – Kwiat Jabłoni “Dziś późno pójdę spać”. Michał was born in Warsaw. His first steps into the world of art were with music - at the age of 8, he started his professional training studying piano performance at the Musical School in Uppsala, Sweden. After moving back to Poland, he trained as a photographer at The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He later graduated from the prestigious Lodz Film School, with an MA in cinematography. His commercial work and films have taken him around the globe, and he has presented his work at numerous major film festivals. „The Conversation”, for which he served as Director of Photography, was shown at over 30 film festivals and won ten awards. Michael’s latest work is a collaboration with Oscar-nominated director Aneta Kopacz on the documentary series „Chased” for Canal + Discovery. The story is about the biggest financial heist in Polish history. Apart from films, he also shoots music videos and commercials for such institutions and brands as Microsoft, Prochnik, The National Opera in Warsaw, AVON, Neuroon, Kerabione, Rage Age, and Amerigas.

Languages: English, Polish, Swedish, (German)

Selected filmography:

  1. „The Valley of death” dir. Jaroslaw Wszedybyl / full lenght documentary/ TVP, Before My Eyes
  1. „ART-B. Made in Poland.” dir. Aneta Kopacz / 6x 45’ documentary / Red Epic / Poland / CANAL+ DISCOVERY
  2. „Dwarfs” dir. Piotr Sulkowski / 2:30’ narrative/ Red Epic/ Poland/ PWSFTviT
  3. „Film Europe” dir. Kristoffer Rus / 10x 45’ documentary / Sony FS7 / Poland / CANAL+ DISCOVERY
  1. „Me” dir. Aneta Kopacz / 20’ documentary / Red Epic / Poland / Nuricia
  2. „Life on the podium” dir. Rafal Skalski / 6x 45’ documentary / Sony FS7 / Poland / CANAL+ DISCOVERY
  1. „Order of conscience” dir. Marcin Cygal / 7x 20’ documentary/ HDCAM / Poland / TVP
  1. “The Conversation” dir. Piotr Sulkowski / 16’ documentary/ Sony Ex-1/ Poland PWSFTviT
  1. “You need to stay calm” dir. Jedrzej Baczyk / 12’ narrative/ Red One / Poland / PWSFTviT
  1. „First Blood” dir. Grzegorz Krawiec / 12’ narrative / HD / Poland / PWSFTviT

Full filmography: